Mac Divot

The Mac Divot brand was introduced in 1955 as an instructional comic strip syndicated on a daily basis for 22 years into hundred of newspapers through the Chicago Tribune and the New York News Syndicate.

The lead fictitious character, Sandy Mac Divot, toured with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus in the early days of the P.G.A. tour when the tournament prize money was in the thousands vs. today’s millions.

Sandy competed on the tour playing with many of Golf’s greatest legends including Billy Casper, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and many more.

Mac Divot was largely responsible for teaching America how to play the game of golf combining history, instructions and the business side of golf to a new generation of players.

Mac Divot
A daily pictorial highlighting the history of the game
Mac Divot
Instructional elements that helped teach America the game
Mac Divot
Instructions that are as relevant as the day they were published
Mac Divot
Featuring the media side of the game
Mac Divot
Followed by Presidents and beginners alike
Mac Divot
Promoting the Business side of Golf
Sandy Mac Divot became as well known as the PGA Tour legends
Sandy Mac
Sandy Mac
Sandy Mac
Why Did Sandy Suddenly Drop Off the Tour
Sandy Mac Sandy Mac
Why did Sandy suddenly have to drop off the tour in 1977 after 22 years as a Pro?

Why did Sandy suddenly have to drop off the tour in 1977 after 22 years as a Pro? What readers didn’t know was that Sandy’s wife, Marla was expecting twins and needed to stay in bed for her third trimester. Sandy chose to help Marla in this all-important time and The Mac Divots became the proud parents of beautiful twins, a healthy girl named Holly and their son Graeme.

After the break from the tour, Sandy decided to fall in his father Malcolm’s footsteps and was invited to become the Club Pro at the Rolling Knolls Golf Club where he had grown up playing. As soon as his kids were old enough to walk, he had them out on the course with him, often playing into the evening hours. As young kids, they learned how to swing every club and learned the all-important rules of the game. Sandy was a patient teacher and the sibling rivalry began between Holly and Graeme to see who could please their father with the better shot.

The Mac Divots...the First Family of Golf

By the age of seven, they were regularly playing in junior amateur tournaments and began to amass an impressive collection of trophies and ribbons as their performance and results improved. At the age of 9 they became the first sister / brother team to attend the Arnold Palmer Golf academy in Vail Colorado and broke all the records in their age group in the final tournament.

Meanwhile, Sandy decided to enter the Seniors tour, partially on a challenge from Marla who told him he was “past it”. At the same time Graeme and Holly, then 15 were competing in the U.S. Amateur Athletic Golf championship as the younges competitors in the history of the tournament.

Even more amazing….they became the first brother sister team to qualify having excelled in their regional junior champion tournaments through a series of stunning performances that had all the press and the pros talking to themselves.


We take up the story in 2023

Sandy now leads the Seniors Champion Tour and has his sites set on becoming one of the most accomplished golfers in the history of tournament play.

Holly and Graeme are both emerging as the newest stars of the P.G.A. and L.P.G.A Tours.

The Mac Divots become the first family in golf history to have active Senior P.G.A., P.G.A. and L.P.G.A. players competing!

Introducing...Graeme "Ace" Mac Divot – the newest rising star on the 2023 PGA tour
Holly Mac Divot
Introducing...Holly Mac Divot - The most promising new player on the 2023 LPGA tour

Brand Acquired from the Chicago Tribune

Brand Acquired from the Chicago Tribune and trademarks registered in 2008.

Mel & Tom Keefer presenting a Mac Divot PGA tribute to Commissioner Finchem at the Northern Trust Riviera 2008.

In loving memory of Mel Keefer

Comicon Lifetime Achievement Recipient and Creator/Artist for Mac Divot